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Author, Lyricist and Composer:

Don Magyar

Editor and Consultant:

Kirk Martin

Produced by:

“Foundation To Empower Marriage” (FEM)

Inspired and Guided by Humanology®

(the science of understanding human nature)

© 1997-2016, Don Magyar

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Musical Play

Grand Open


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Fifteen minutes before the show begins, an overture plays while patrons shuffle about and take their seats. The overture is comprised of snippets of melodies from the songs that occur throughout “It's Not About Love.”

Note: Start Overture and let it play at least the first few melodies (3-4 minutes) to set the mood. If you choose not to listen to the entire overture at this time, pause it before reading the directions to maximize comprehension.

Scene GO – Set 1 (Empty Set) – Song #1

At the end of the overture, the lights dim and the music winds down to a low monotone.

Note: Song #1 (below) begins with that monotone. The directions you read next will prepare you for when the monotone begins.

The curtain opens revealing a dark stage. Individual spots appear on YOUNG GIRL and YOUNG BOY who are standing about 15 feet apart on either side of center stage. From the view of the audience, YOUNG GIRL is on the left side of center; YOUNG BOY is on the right.

YOUNG BOY and YOUNG GIRL are facing the audience and each is admiring the toy figurine they are holding. YOUNG GIRL is holding a Barbie-like doll. YOUNG BOY is holding a knight in armor. YOUNG BOY and YOUNG GIRL articulate the figurines slowly so the audience can discern what they are holding and admiring. After 10 seconds, the monotone bends up two half-steps.

From the wings on either side of the stage, spots illuminate 12 MEDIA REPRESENTATIVES (6 on either side) as they enter in single file in front of YOUNG BOY and YOUNG GIRL toward the center of the stage. These characters, by way of costume, represent the various clichés that shape our beliefs with regard to love and marriage. Meanwhile, a montage of lyrics that depict the most notable clichés regarding love and marriage can be heard above the monotone.

MEDIA REPRESENTATIVES form a figure-8 around YOUNG GIRL and YOUNG BOY. If you are the director, the following instructions explain how this is done. See

Note: If you are reading while the Overture is playing, click the “Pause Overture” button (below) so the Overture does not play simultaneously with Song #1.

Note: Visualize the scene as per the directions above and Play Song #1. Read the directions below while it is playing. The monotone should not distract you.

As MEDIA REPRESENTATIVES walk around YOUNG BOY and YOUNG GIRL, YOUNG BOY and YOUNG GIRL turn slowly like tops. The monotone bends up 2 half-steps wherein a montage of voices depicting clichés about love and marriage begins. The intended effect is to demonstrate how the various media indoctrinates our children, causing them to embrace and harbor false notions about love and marriage.

The background music eventually bends up another 2 half-steps and the music to Song #1 – “It's Not About Love” begins. Simultaneously:

1) Lights go out on MEDIA REPRESENTATIVES. They and YOUNG GIRL and YOUNG BOY make haste to back of stage, disappearing into black.

2) JENNY emerges from the back marching with conviction to the front of the stage. She is holding the same figurine as YOUNG GIRL.


Fairy tales in books and movies.

Cards and songs and soaps on TV.

The message is the same from all of the above.

They raised me to believe it's all about love.

MIKE marches from the back of the stage. He emerges from the shadows into the light holding the same figurine as YOUNG BOY.


Princess rescued by a brave knight

Taught me men are to make things right.

And build picket fences. Be what they're dreaming of.

They raised me to believe it's all about love.

The lights go up on the entire stage in steps to the beat of the lead-in to the chorus. The lights are fully up at the start of the chorus. HEART spins a disk of the world and the rest of MEDIA REPRESENTATIVES interact much like a “square dance.”


Love makes the world go round and round.

That's what they say.

Find true love. Say the vows.

Then count your happy days.

It's all about love. It's all about love.

Instrumental for one verse. During instrumental, CUPID shoots arrows into the air. Other MEDIA REPRESENTATIVES dance around Jenny and Mike. One swings a large cardboard pocket watch in front of Jenny to the rhythm of the song. Another swings a large inflatable plastic hammer, pounding Mike on the head to the beat of the music.

It's all about love. It's all about love.

Love makes the world go round and round.

That's what they say.

Find true love. Say the vows.

Then count your happy days.

It's all about love.

MOTHER and DAUGHTER move to the front of the stage. MOTHER holds up a one and a half foot by three foot sign with the numbers 1, 2 and 3 written on it in bold. MOTHER points to each number as appropriate when she sings her lines. The lights on the stage dim and spots highlight MOTHER and then DAUGHTER as appropriate.


The formula for marriage is as simple as one – two – three.

First you meet, then fall in love, and then you marry.

As DAUGHTER says her next line, she places her hands over her heart and turns to the audience.


And live happily ever after.

MOTHER and DAUGHTER move backwards as the lights step up to the beat of the lead-in to the chorus. The lights are fully up at the start of the chorus. HEART spins a disk of the world and the rest of MEDIA REPRESENTATIVES interact much like a “square dance.”


Love makes the world go round and round.

That's what they say.

Find true love. Say the vows.

Then count your happy days.

It's all about love. It's all about love.

Love, love, love. It's all about love.

The actors move to the center of the stage during the second to last line. They turn to the audience and sing the final line of the song – some are standing, others are kneeling, still others are squatting. During the last line of the song, at the last second, a player from either side slides on their knees to join the group at center stage. As they sing, all stretch out one hand up and away from the group and shake it as if they are trembling in appeal to the audience.

All you need is love.

After a brief pause, the melody of the song “It's All About Love” begins again as a reprise and continues to the opening of the next scene. The lights go out. Curtain closes. End of Grand Open. ACT I begins.


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Magyar Music is a music act that incorporates Humanology® when crafting its songs.

The author of Humanology®, Don Magyar, can be contacted directly by going to his website.

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About the Grand Open

The Grand Open achieves the following goals:

  1. Shock the patrons to insure we have their attention.

  2. Set the mood in which we promise a fun and interesting experience.

  3. Elevate expectations, causing the audience to want more.

  4. Make the point children and adults are made to believe the key to happiness is to find our soul mate and form a bond of everlasting love.

Greeting cards, songs, books, movies fairy tales and soap operas remind us continuously that a bond of true love will serve us like a magic carpet, lifting us over “the rocky road of life.”

However, contrary to what we are taught, the good feeling we call “love” is not constant by nature's design. Like the tides, the good feeling we call “love” comes and goes.

Note: The cyclic nature of love inspired our ancient ancestors to attract mating partners and then replace them with nurturing partners as needed. The pulling and pushing cycle of love has largely been overlooked.

This information and what to do about it must be shared with teenagers and anyone thinking about marriage, having children or contemplating divorce.

Note: We learn how to apply this information in ACT III.


How to Audition for the Lead Roles

The lead roles in the musical play “It's Not About Love” are challenging. Moreover, because (1) the message is critically important for individuals and society and (2) the subjects of love and marriage are timeless and relevant to everyone, the business model calls for productions running concurrently in major cities throughout America and the world.

Consequently, we are continuously looking for qualified contract players to fill the lead roles in these productions. You need not have theater experience if you meet the following qualifications:

  1. You love the lead character you will be playing.

  2. You fit the part of the lead character (22 - 35).

  3. You have a quality voice (you could, should and will be a star).

  4. You know the parts of the male and female lead characters.

  5. You are ready for center stage (physically and emotionally).

Note: See the “Distribution” section and follow the “Lead Players” link for details.

Music-only versions of the songs are available for those wishing to practice the songs. The music-only versions can be accessed via the icons to the right of the music players of the respective songs embedded within the text.

Note: The icons are pink and blue to indicate female and male leads.

When you click on the appropriate music-only version of the song, it will load in a music player in a new window. Start the song and toggle back to the “Musical Play” where the lyrics are located.

Follow the instructions at “Distribution/Lead Players” for how to audition.


Instructions for making a figure 8

From the left side of the stage, MEDIA REPRESENTATIVES walk in front of YOUNG GIRL.

Similarly, MEDIA REPRESENTATIVES from the right side of the stage walk in front of YOUNG BOY.

At about 6 feet before reaching center stage, MEDIA REPRESENTATIVES from either side of the stage make a soft (rounded) 45 degree turn to the back of the stage.

Once they get far enough into the stage that they are behind YOUNG GIRL and YOUNG BOY, MEDIA REPRESENTATIVES cross paths, making a second rounded 45 degree turn but this time in the opposite direction. As a result, MEDIA REPRESENTATIVES from the right side of the stage walk behind YOUNG GIRL and MEDIA REPRESENTATIVES from the left side of the stage walk behind YOUNG BOY.

A third soft 45 degree turn brings MEDIA REPRESENTATIVES toward the front of the stage.

A fourth rounded 45 degree turn causes MEDIA REPRESENTATIVES to meet up with their fellow MEDIA REPRESENTATIVES, forming a circle. They are now on the other side of the stage from where they started.

The result is to form a shuffling figure eight around YOUNG GIRL and YOUNG BOY.

figure 8