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Author, Lyricist and Composer:

Don Magyar

Editor and Consultant:

Kirk Martin

Produced by:

“Foundation To Empower Marriage” (FEM)

Inspired and Guided by Humanology®

(the science of understanding human nature)

© 1997-2016, Don Magyar

(407) 761-4734


Musical Play


Breaking Up

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Note: After reading the “Author's Notes” (above), click on the small number 1 in the menu to the left (in maroon) to load the first scene of ACT II.

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Foundation to Empower Marriage is a non-profit organization dedicated to educate high school seniors on how emotions work and how to use that knowledge to form and maintain successful long term personal relationships including marriage.

It's Not About Love is a musical written for high school and college students. It reveals the secret to success in romance and fulfillment in marriage. It's message is based on the knowledge and discoveries of Humanology®.

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Fittest Form® is a program that helps people achieve their best physical and mental state. Idea Songs is a group of songwriters that applies Humanology® in crafting songs, with an eye on making the most impact and maximizing audience appeal.

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Magyar Music is a music act that incorporates Humanology® when crafting its songs.

The author of Humanology®, Don Magyar, can be contacted directly by going to his website.

His books are individually titled and can stand alone, yet they are part of the Humanology® series, published by Permanent Publications.


About ACT II

ACT II achieves the following goals:

  1. Illustrate the difficulties encountered by those who get married and raise children in our modern society.

  2. Cause the audience to feel deeply (to re-experience) the frustration and disappointment encountered by the lead characters.

    Note: Only if patrons feel frustration and disappointment will they long for resolution.

ACT II portrays the trials and setbacks typical of life. We cannot help but get caught up in the demands of modern society. As we go through the motions making a living in a crazy world, our dreams are often ignored until we realize they are not likely to be achieved.

Personal disappointment, financial concerns, physical exhaustion and mental fatigue in combination with the temporary absence of the good feeling we call “love” results in frustration that can lead to hurtful words, poor decisions, inappropriate actions, and destructive behavior.

In truth, for most people, financial troubles, a hectic life, physical and mental fatigue, and even emotional duress are tolerable in the extreme if the good feeling we call “love” is present. It is the temporary absence of the good feeling we call “love” that is the breaking point for most relationships.

When the feeling of love is absent (albeit temporarily), we wrongly interpret it as abandonment by our partner and a broken promise of everlasting love.

Note: We learn how to apply this most important information in ACT III.


How to Audition for the Lead Roles

The lead roles in the musical play “It's Not About Love” are challenging. Moreover, because (1) the message is critically important for individuals and society and (2) the subjects of love and marriage are timeless and relevant to everyone, the business model calls for productions running concurrently in major cities throughout America and the world.

Consequently, we are continuously looking for qualified contract players to fill the lead roles in these productions. You need not have theater experience if you meet the following qualifications:

  1. You love the lead character you will be playing.

  2. You fit the part of the lead character (22 - 35).

  3. You have a quality voice (you could, should and will be a star).

  4. You know the parts of the male and female lead characters.

  5. You are ready for center stage (physically and emotionally).

Note: See the “Distribution” section and follow the “Lead Players” link for details.

Music-only versions of the songs are available for those wishing to practice the songs. The music-only versions can be accessed via the icons to the right of the music players of the respective songs embedded within the text.

Note: The icons are pink and blue to indicate female and male leads.

When you click on the appropriate music-only version of the song, it will load in a music player in a new window. Start the song and toggle back to the “Musical Play” where the lyrics are located.

Follow the instructions at “Distribution/Lead Players” for how to audition.